Date of Birth1974.07.18  
Place of Birth : Osaka, Japan
HobbiesCreative activities in general, reading, studying & bathing (especially in hot springs)
I respectJesus Christ, St. Shinran, Ryoma Sakamoto, Inazo Nitobe, my parents who raised this Saeko
Favorite Singers: Michael Kiske (Helloween, Unisonic etc.), Yutaka Ozaki, Ronnie Atkins(Pretty Maids), Doro etc.
Favorite Quotations
  • Let others label me as they like. I know what I am doing. (Ryoma Sakamoto)
  • Perceiving what is right, and doing it not argues lack of courage. (Inazo Nitobe)
  • It’s important to speak hearable against the lie, but at the same time not being against human beings which are just fooled by those lies. (Michael Kiske)
From school days, aiming at sending out music to the world, studied at foreign-language university by day and at music school by night.

< As Singer-songwriter >

An alumna of Koyo Conservatory , has a Master Certificate in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music. Trained under a voice trainer Ms. Kaori Kuriyama in Japan and Mr. Henning Basse ( Vocal Basse / METALIUM ) in Germany.

After about 8 years of music activities in Japan (performing live shows, releasing independent materials as a singer of Evolution, Insania and Fairy Mirror), left for Germany single-handed in 2002. Getting a deal in Hamburg, released 2 albums worldwide—"ABOVE HEAVEN BELOW HEAVEN" (2004) and "LIFE" (2006)—while performing live shows in Europe (e.g. a special guest on DORO's Classic Diamonds Tour 2004). SAEKO is the first Asian female vocalist who performed at Wacken Open Air(2005).

In 2011, took up English Lyric Writing for Japanese musicians at
OFFICE SHINPUH. Wrote an English lyric of Royal Wedding Song of Kingdom of Bhutan, "Happy Chant in Unity”(2011) and recorded an international charity song for Japan's Quake Victims, "Light of Life"(2012).

As a Japanese lyricist, wrote lyrics of Japanese bonus tracks of
Sirenia (2015), Rhapsody of Fire (2019) and Vikram (2019).

< As Linguistic Advisor >
Earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Kansai Gaidai University (Japan) in 1997. After stopping her singing career in 2006 (for its reasons, please check HERE ), further built up her linguistic career (especially in English and Japanese). While working as an English teacher at one of the biggest English conversation schools in Japan, completed a course for Japanese teaching. In 2008, flew abroad to obtain a master’s degree in English Language and Culture, aiming to establish a company to get rid of the language and cultural problems of Japanese musicians that block their way to the international market. Has the following certification:

• Master of English Language and Culture (from Leiden University 2009
• Certificate for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language (from the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services 2009)
• ESAC (English Study Advisors’ Certificate) Professional Level
from ALC PRESS INC. 2006
• TSST (Telephone Standard Speaking Test) Level
(the highest) (2010)
• TOEIC 975, TOEFL(iBT) 108 (2009)
• das Diplom Deutsch in Japan (Mittelstufe) (from die Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Germanistik in Japan e. V. 2010)
• Master Certificate in Songwriting (from Berklee College of Music 2014)

After establishing her company ( ) in 2011, working as a English Lyricist, Topline Writer, English Study Advisor / Linguistic Counselor, translator / interpreter, also offering public lectures on intercultural communications, self-expression, art-related themes etc.

< Publication >
• Controversy about Subject in Japanese: Grammatical Subject in FONS LINGUEAE, Vol. 34. (2010)

< As Essayist >
Published the following serial essays:
● 2005 Feb. to 2006 Apr.: Saeko’s Monthly Record in "METAL ON METAL" issued by a Japanese CD chain store SUMIYA.
● 2008 Spring to 2010 Spring
WALK ON in "We love " issued by MUSA Cultural Exchange Association.