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  • March 2020: On MariskalRock (🇪🇸), Saeko was introduced as one of 8 rockin' women, together with Bárbara Black, Diva Satanica, Isabel Marco, Judith Mateo, Las Sexpeares, Maria Neila, Yo No Las Conozco to celebrate International Women'd Day. Check the article from here!

  • February 2020: The latest interview of Saeko by Nightshade (in English). To read, click the picture below.
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  • The crowdfunding campaign (Kickstarter page) reached 121% (¥2,004,625) by 210 backers! Now it's a reality that SAEKO will make a comeback!!! Much appreciation to YOU … let us walk to our glorious days!!!
  • The bassist is revealed. Check Chapter 2.
  • Following the guitarist, Guido Benedetti (Trick Or Treat), the drummer (recording musician) is revealed. Check Chapter 2.
  • The first member of the new SAEKO project has been announced. Check "Story Chapter 2 (2019–)".
  • Saeko guests in the Japanese bonus track of the debut album of Vikram, "Behind the Mask I", super technical progressive metal from Brazil.
  • Saeko sings a duet as a guest in the new album of Reveal, "Overlord". The song is available online, M-11"It's Only A Show".
  • Saeko wrote Japanese lyrics for Italian Symphonic Metal band, Rhapsody of Fire. The song will be released as a Japanese bonus track of their new album, "The Eighth Mountain."