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  • May 21, 2021: Release dates of the coming album "Holy Are We Alone" are decided for Asia and other regions of the world. Confirmed as follows.

Europe (& Other regions excluding Asia): Aug. 20th, 2021 from Pride & Joy Music (DE).
Japan (& other regions in Asia): Aug. 11th, 2021 from
King Records (JP).

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  • March 2021: What an honour!! In the latest BURRN!, SAEKO's 1st album, "Above Heaven Below Heaven" (2004) was chosen as one of the best 44 Japanese-female-fronted Rock & Metal albums of all time. The list starts from early 80s. ...... but the new album will be 100 times better! It's only written in Japanese, but available in other countries from Amazon ▶︎
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  • February 2021: The production of the coming album, "Holy Are We Alone", is almost finished at V. Santura's Woodshed Studio in Germany. V. Santura, an engineer who mixed the last album of SAEKO, "Life" (2006), also known as the guitarist of Triptykon, Dark Fortress, Rootbrain etc., says, "The coming album will sound 100 times better than the last one!" Stay tuned!! (More on Facebook Page.)
  • January 14, 2021: Guest Musician Revealed!! In the coming album, we'll have a super guest keyboardist, Derek Sherinian from the USA, on one of our songs called "Heroes". As you may know, he has an amazing career, playing for Alice Cooper, Dream Theater, Yngwie Malmsteens's Rising Force, Planet X and Sons of Apollo, to name a few (more info is on Wikipedia). The song, "Heroes", in which he plays the solo has a message that each one of us who follows their ideals is a hero. Due to COVID-19, our production is a bit behind schedule, but stay tuned.

  • November 2020: 8 page interview of Saeko is in BURRN! JAPAN Vol.17 (on November 30th in store). It's only written in Japanese, but available in other countries on Amazon ▶︎
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  • July 2020: Thanks message video from all members of SAEKO(Saeko, Guido, Alessandro & Michael)to the backers who made our project possible. You are an important part of us and we appreciate a lot. Please check it from below▼
  • March 2020: On MariskalRock (🇪🇸), Saeko was introduced as one of 8 rockin' women, together with Bárbara Black, Diva Satanica, Isabel Marco, Judith Mateo, Las Sexpeares, Maria Neila, Yo No Las Conozco to celebrate International Women'd Day. Check the article from here!

  • February 2020: The latest interview of Saeko by Nightshade (in English). To read, click the picture below.
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  • The crowdfunding campaign (Kickstarter page) reached 121% (¥2,004,625) by 210 backers! Now it's a reality that SAEKO will make a comeback!!! Much appreciation to YOU … let us walk to our glorious days!!!
  • The bassist is revealed. Check Chapter 2.
  • Following the guitarist, Guido Benedetti (Trick Or Treat), the drummer (recording musician) is revealed. Check Chapter 2.
  • The first member of the new SAEKO project has been announced. Check "Story Chapter 2 (2019–)".
  • Saeko guests in the Japanese bonus track of the debut album of Vikram, "Behind the Mask I", super technical progressive metal from Brazil.
  • Saeko sings a duet as a guest in the new album of Reveal, "Overlord". The song is available online, M-11"It's Only A Show".
  • Saeko wrote Japanese lyrics for Italian Symphonic Metal band, Rhapsody of Fire. The song will be released as a Japanese bonus track of their new album, "The Eighth Mountain."