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Started composing songs ...

The last two entries were heartwarming episodes from the past ("Reunion" and "Markthalle"); but I shouldn't forget to inform you of my current situation, right?

Well, I started writing songs last weekend. (^ ^)/

Reading this, you may think, "Wow, she's already gathered all members and started working together!"

… No, unfortunately, it isn't the case.
For the time being, I'm writing songs by myself. (⌒-⌒; )

In actuality, I wanna talk and start writing songs with other members altogether, but it's not so easy as I wrote in "
Coming Up Against Walls?!"

Anyway, let me summarise the current situation again.

Several superlative musicians replied to me from around the world.

⇩ ⇩ ⇩

All of them are super great musicians, I wanna make a band with them, which means our activity will cross the Atlantic and the Pacific.

⇩ ⇩ ⇩

When the sphere of activity is that wide, I must ask them to spare more time and apply more energies for the band.

No wonder it's not easy to bring all together. (^◇^;
I actually feel … it's almost insane to think "I", who is no one but an ordinary Japanese woman, could bring these stellar international musicians together.
What can I dooooooo?!?!

Yet, I should not forget that
big aims take very long, whereas small aims don't take long.
In other words, if I really wanna unite the world with music, I must be patient.

I shouldn't forget that everything has pros and cons, either.
For example, a team may accomplish much bigger tasks, but it takes more time to bring them together. (^_^; )
On the other hand, it may be easy to start working alone, but one person cannot accomplish as much as a strong team could do.

To achieve my goal, I surely need a team—a team that consists of great musicians.
(I can't yet reveal names of musicians who came forward to me yet. Still, let me say that one of them is from the US, with whom I'm supposed to meet and talk one of these days. If our talk goes fine, I might be able to put a picture with him on Facebook or Twitter … I hope so.)

Anyway, when I was thinking like that, a member of
Elan Uni Verse asked me, "Why don't you start writing songs by yourself and try to lead them? Show your enthusiasm to them!"
Upon hearing it, my first reaction was, "Are you kidding? Me leading them?"

However, when I thought it over carefully afterwards, I realised that it made sense.
Let me explain …
They are great musicians from around the world.
Precisely for this reason, "I" should be prepared for anything (even for the worst) myself and give everything I've got: start writing songs with all my passion; even try to scrape some of funds together (but how? Another crowdfunding campaign?); and make a clear strategy plan. Then, I tell them, "Since I'm very sure that we can change the world, I prepared this and that myself. So, let's do it!"
I must do so with vigor and spirit!!
You know what I mean?!(゚o゚;;

In life, there may be a number of difficulties, but we should be able to get over them when we vow to ourselves, that is, when we are really determined to make it.
Of course, I'm determined to write good songs and to bring this great line-up come true.

It may be a bit slow, but things are going forward little by little…
After all, it was a good decision for me to come to Europe.

I'll do my best to write good songs. (^_~)
Logic Pro X with micro KEY-61 by KORG. I found the micro KEY is perfect for songwriting on a trip. It's small and light, easy to use, and no battery is needed (if you connect the keyboard with USB cable to your laptop computer, it works). (^ ^)v

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