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Thanks to all who supported SAEKO by crowdfunding campaign, the music video SA-KU-RA (2017 ver.) is now live.
⚫️ English Interview by Femme Metal Webzine
⚫️ New Release after 11years of silence!
As a statement of breaking her silence, SAEKO will release a new arrangement and re-recording of 2 representative songs of SAEKO. Following that, she’s aiming to re-form a heavy metal band with an international lineup. Please support her new endeavour by purchasing the songs as well as donating her crowdfunding campaign (the site will be translated into English soon).

Single “Re-Membrance” Saeko feat. Sakiko Masuda

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1. SA-KU-RA (2017 ver.)
2. No More Sins for the Gods (Sins for the Gods 2017 ver.)

Digital Release Date: 2017 April 12th
Available from …

Amazon MP3, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer etc.
  • Music and lyrics by Saeko Kitamae / Arrangements by Sakiko Masuda / Mixed and mastered by Alessandro Del Vecchio
  • Saeko Kitamae - Vocals / Sakiko Masuda - Piano / Italo Graziana (Soul Seller)- Drums
  • Vocals and drums produced and recorded by Alessandro Del Vecchio in October 2016 at Ivorytears Music Works, Italy / Piano produced and recorded by Koji Mannami in September 2016 at Sanwa Recording Studio, Japan
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