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Send-Off Party of SAEKO & launching ceremony of EUV

(Photo by Yasue Matsushima)

In my
crowdfunding campaign launched in this spring, I declared that I would like to resume my music activity on a full scale.
A full scale means that I would like to form a band with a great line-up of musicians around the world, not only of Japanese musicians.
'coz that was the idea of SAEKO, which I formed with the help of Lars Ratz more than 10 years ago.
In the campaign, I explained the music video SA-KU-RA (2017 ver.) would be the first step towards this big plan.

This first step was achieved thanks to many backers in and out of Japan.
I deeply appreciate your support!! Without any one of you, this was not possible.
The video was, as you may know, released on YouTube on August 8th.
If you haven't watched it, please watch it from .

The next step I will make is …. of course, to form a heavy metal band with an international line-up!
Well, I wanted to talk with musicians around the world and start it on the internet, using Skype or Facebook group chat or whatever
… but I must say that the first stage (set up detailed plans etc.) is not that easy as to do all virtually.
So, I concluded that I must first set off to the actual place.
Then, I can explain my ideas and discuss the matter face to face with musicians there.

Yes, I decided that I would fly to Europe again.
Like the last time, I'll set off with no concrete plan in mind, but that's how I made it about 15 years ago.
Why not giving it a try again?

Be that as it may, I was feeling a bit helpless without someone to support my journey.

Then, some people (about 10) gathered around me in Osaka and established a team
Elan Uni Verse: Music Beyond Borders to support my endeavour.
At the moment, their website is written only in Japanese, but their aim is to build a system to connect Japanese heavy metal artists, fans and labels with those overseas.
Their idea was exactly what I'd been dreamed of.
So, I gratefully accept their offer to be the first artist they'll support.
No one really knows how the group will develop, but let's see.


Also, some music friends of mine sent me encouraging messages to me from Belgium, Germany, the US …. from around the world!!
In 2002, when I first left for Germany, I really had no one to turn to.
But now I realised that I was not at all alone this time.

Some at Elan Uni Verse also said, "we should hold a send-off party for Saeko!!
There you can introduce these great messages from around the world to the Japanese people!""
An mc was done by
Yuki Yasuda, a freelance announcer in Osaka.

I'm deeply moved to see that so many people want to see me off.
Cherishing their support in my heart, I will leave for Europe.
Thank you!!!

Send-Off Party of SAEKO
At Noon + Cafe in Osaka
Date: Oct. 28
Sat.) CHARGE1500yen1DRINK
As a guest of an event
Metal Night Vol.157

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