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Arrived in Europe: Time Limit ?!

On November 2nd, I finally left for Europe!
Some members of
EUV and a fan(?!) came to the airport to see me off.
Thank youuuuu!!!
Click here, and you can see some more pics.
The 2 pics below are from Warsaw Chopin Airport; I stopped over for a connection flight.
Now the roll playing video game of heroine SAEKO (?!) starts…. (^0^)/

However, I'm not a heroine in a movie or a video game …
It means, I must earn money to survive …
Even on the flight, I was doing my translation work.
Phew. (;´д`)

To tell the truth, I've already got a hunch that this journey will be somewhat toilsome.
'coz my suitcase got broken on the way, and following that …
after a few hours of arrival, my hair dryer almost caught fire and got broken! (T^T)
(Well, I just forgot to change it from the Japan mode to the Europe mode.)

Anyway, I decided to stay in the Netherlands for the first couple of days.
The reason is …
well, I'm actually a graduate of Leiden University in the Netherlands.
So, in the Netherlands, I can see my friends and flatmates from those days…

And I'm very sorrryyy.
From the next morning I arrived, until the last minute before our breakfast …
I was working.

I must say … making an adventurous trip on the other side of the earth while working independently is …
… actually very hard. (^◇^; )
Oh, speaking of breakfast, I found this funny stuff on the table.
Paprica jam!

When I opened the lid, it smelled very … very … paprika!! haha.
I wondered how it would taste …
Nervously, I took a bite.
!(◎_◎; )
It was actually very delicious and sweet.
Try it if you see it somewhere. (^_-)

Later on that day, I wrote on Facebook that I was in Leiden, then Miriam from *Femme Metal Webzine contacted me.

*Femme Metal Webzine is a music webzine,
mainly covering heavy metal bands with female members.
They covered my article in August (
here ).
Also, last month they put in
an exclusive interview of Yoshiki (X Japan).

She wrote to me, "I'm living very close!"
… so, we met up at Amsterdam Central Station.
She was interested in my move from now on, so I told my plan, or what I hope to happen, over coffee.
I like this kind of unexpected, spontaneous event in life.╰(*´︶`*)╯


By the way, this time I'm staying in Europe with a tourist visa.
Well, I might change it to a different type of visa later.
But I feel I shouldn't fix myself to one country yet.
Not yet at this moment.
I need to see how things will evolve in Europe, first.

However, it means I can stay in Europe for no longer than 3 months.
That is my time limit—3 months.
So, I can't lazily spend my days at friends'.

In a few hours from now, I'll say good bye to my friends in Leiden and leave for Germany (5 or 6 hours ride by train) by myself.
Oh, I have one more companion.
My small MIDI keyboard that my friends kept at their house for many years.

But, wait a minute.
I already have so much to carry: a big suitcase and a heavy backpack with a laptop.
The question is … can I add the keyboard, even though small, to my luggage?
You know, I'm a weak/frail woman after all. (^◇^; )


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