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Postscrpit to Send-Off Party

On October 28th, 2017, a send-off party of SAEKO and a launching ceremony of Elan Uni Verse were held at Noon + Cafe in Osaka. I deeply appreciate Metal Night Crew who gladly accepted me as a guest in their event Metal Night vol.157.

Despite the very short notice and the heavy rain, a lot of people came to the party.
Sent off by
them, I feel very happy and confident. Thank you♪♪♪

Now I will start a roll-playing video game in a live-action version.
Do uou know what I mean?
In a roll-playing video game, a hero or heroine set off to the wide world to look for a company one by one to save the world, right?
Something like that.
In my case, I will leave Japan and look for a member one by one to form a band.
(The final boss would be …. what? …. a world tour?? maybe?? haha.)


Here are some pics from the party.
The entrance hall.

Pasted Graphic 2Pasted Graphic 3

Pasted Graphic 1IMG_5573
I should sing, right?
Unfortunately, we didn't have time to prepare the band
as the party plan was first come about only a few weeks ago,
so I sang with karaoke (sorry).
I still sang with all my heart, of course.
The song was "How Many Tears (Helloween)" by the way.
Following that, an MC, Yuki Yasuda, appeared on stage.
Following our talk, we introduced the support messages sent from afar.
All messages were great, but this blog introduces only who gave me the messages.
As for the content of the messages themselves, I will introduce on some other occasion.

The first two are the musicians who had given me a message upon my crowdfunding campaign in spring.
Michael Ehre: Drummer of Gamma Ray, Unity, Metalium etc.
Alessandro Del Vesshio, who beautifully produced my vocals on SA-KU-RA .
Pasted GraphicScreenshot 2017-10-31 01.26.43
3. Mark Cross: Drummer of Tower of Babel, God's Army among many great bands.
4. Mark "Gus" Scott: Drummer of Trixter. He's also working for a great cause. Please check his website.
IMG_5616Pasted Graphic 1
5. Johan Nunez: Drummer of Firewind. I was happy to hear that he used to listen to my album and other stuff.
Pasted Graphic 2 (from Wikimedia Commons)
"The world has been waiting for her come back!",
"Saeko, you'll rule!", and " I look forward to your journey in conquering this Earth!" etc.
I was surely happy, but also felt like, "OMG! They believe in me so much that I really have to make it!"

Oh, some of you might be thinking now …
"They are all drummers! (except Alessandro)".
Yes, I know.
So, here are the messages from non-drummers.

Helcanen Val: Designer and Promoter of Metal Female Voices Fest.
Anza: Singer of Head Phones President.
Actually, it was Anza who persuaded me that I should try again.
Maybe one day, I'll write about our episode (how we met and how she encouraged me).

Pasted Graphic 3Pasted Graphic 4
From Osaka, Yoshihiro Nitta (guitarist of Black Masquerade) came to the party, representing "Screaming Sprit FEST ASIA".
Following that, Hiroaki Yumoto, representing Elan Uni Verse, made a speech.
Pasted Graphic 5
And a photo session!
At the end, the party finished with my song, SA-KU-RA.

Pasted Graphic
I was deeply moved.
I appreciate all who came to the party to show their support. Happy

IMG_5697Pasted Graphic 122853006_10208403316399444_1784224827105019499_n23030681_906687146145218_2001226798_o 23022969_906687016145231_681833879_o22788777_1451479891639410_5655874934298719651_n 223031349_1133817770083897_1868135651338058481_nPasted Graphic 4
"Equipped herself, the heroine SAEKO will leave by airship (if it was a roll-playing game)."
haha (^ ^)
My first destination will be Germany, the place where I located myself until 2006.
My German is poor, but I can still understand easy everyday conversation.
I also have some friends there.
So, I'm gonna meet and talk with them and get some info first.
With the info as a clue, I will probably move to the next destination.
Again, like the video game where hero or heroine first chat with villagers. Laugh

Please watch over my journey. Happy


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