Thanks to all I’ve seen in every moment of my life … you all are my Heaven Below!

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Our souls are immortal. There is SOMETHING that unites all of us. I know because I have encountered this SOMETHING (although such an encounter may not occur again). IT was like vibrations transmitted from the universe. Yet, I felt IT simultaneously calling me from the deepest part of my heart. In actuality, it is difficult to tell exactly from which. I rather felt my innermost were wholly integrated with the universe.

ITs radiance was so immediate and intensely beautiful that I had tried for very long to describe, or characterise ITS nature. However, it was difficult to do so by words. Only giving a proper name to IT was difficult. So, I used several names: Call in our hearts, intuition, love, ultimate truth, collective truth, fundamental centre, and the like. Whatever name I chose, none of them fully described ITs intensity and beauty, however.

In a genuine sense, no words may fully describe IT. This is because words are built upon concepts of this world within Time. As opposed to such earthly concepts, ITs nature is beyond the notion of Time. The eternal nature of IT seems to defy the verbal description. While it is true that a number of philosophical books have deeply impressed me, lots of them mention ITs divine ineffability at some point as well (e.g. “this knowledge is not something that can be put into words like other sciences”, Plato, Seventh Epistle).

So I, searching for another medium, chose music (or, music chose me?!), a medium that is more intuitive than words.

Art works, when created consciously by an artist, express no more than an artist’s personality. However, when created intuitively by way of an artist’s innermost, art works may actually embody IT. This is because, I believe, the source of intuitions is something suprapersonal. For example, intuitions are spontaneous, direct impulses beyond the individual’s conscious reasoning. In other words, they are reactions that are more direct to experiences than conscious reasoning is. In support, a number of sages and religions have taken intuitions, or innateness, as a gate to the truth or the like. Furthermore, I personally felt IT whispering in my innermost, united with all beings in the universe.

If intuitions, coming from our innermost, are really suprapersonal beyond our individuality, it is not unreasonable to suppose that an artist purely moved by intuitions may actually extract the essence of suprapersonal entity beyond his/her identity: there may be some resemblance to the concept of a collective unconscious and “the Cosmic Unconscious” introduced by Jung and Zen teaching respectively (Suzuki, D. T., 1959, Zen and Japanese Culture, pp.242-243).

Following the belief above, I’ve written and will write my songs intuitively, or automatically. In order to write intuitively / automatically, there are several things I need to resign: Personal wishes/hopes/goals etc, my intensions, or control, over my songs, and doubts. Resigning these is crucial because such personal wishes, intentions and doubts block the way to the impersonal innermost of our hearts. As long as I have personal wishes (e.g. I want to sell many albums, I want to be famous etc. ), I can never reach the deepest part of my mind, for the personal wishes traps me in my individuality. Likewise, when I anticipate the style of songs before writing songs ((e.g. fast songs, heavy songs, positive message etc.), I can never grasp the internal spirit that lies in the deepest part of my heart (since style of songs is external form of music). When I doubt, I can never resign my conscious control to intuitions.

The way to the impersonal innermost is shown only when I abandon them and become empty. Only then are my controls delegated to songs themselves. Only then functions the songs spontaneously as if they were self organisations. This is how my songs come to be alive!

After fishing the recording of LIFE as usual in this way, I was amazed to see that the songs comprised a consistent story of transmigration of souls. Since the story may not be clear to some listeners, here I added narrative to some songs. I would appreciate it if you would enjoy the story as I do.

Saeko Kitamae


The last two songs of the album were originally not planned to be included in non-Japanese versions. ‘MY WAY’ was originally recorded as a Japanese bonus track but, after all, kept in non-Japanese versions as well. “WALK ON” was a Japanese bonus track recorded in place of ‘MY WAY’.
~ Story of Transmigration of Souls ~