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Coming Up Against Walls?!

10 days have passed since I arrived in Hamburg.
Everything is going very well!!
… that's what I want to say, but the reality is …
I'm coming up against a number of walls. (T ^ T)

The spread of the internet made many things easier than 2002.
However, the music industry is sluggish now …

Well, when I first came to Europe from Japan in 2002 to form a heavy metal band, the most difficult part was to make connections in the power metal scene here.
Since I didn't know anyone, I went to music halls, metal/rock bars and clubs to hand out my flyers. (I felt very lonely … but I had to find some musicians, no matter what!)
I stood everywhere to talk to people … then, in 1 or 2 months, some musicians and producers started to call me, "let's meet and talk."
It was easy after that.
Things developed so rapidly that I was even surprised myself. (・Д・)

How about "now"?
Well, most of my connections from those days are still alive.
So, when I said, "I'm thinking of making a band with an international line-up",
several musicians replied to me from around the world, saying "I'm in!"
Actually, in a blink of an eye … ta-dah!
I got a world-class line up of candidates!!
Wow!! (O_O)
I can't reveal their names yet, but if this comes true, I'd say, we should be able to conquer the earth. (Working together with them means the band activity would cross both the Pacific and the Atlantic.)
Looking back 2002, I thought, "well, the hardest part is already finished."

Contrary to my expectations!!
It doesn't develop from there … at all!! ( ´Д`)y━・

"A superb line-up, but how can it function?"
"A stellar line-up, but you shouldn't be so naive to believe things would work beyond the Pacific and Atlantic."
"Oh, no, production costs would be huge."
"Without a strong financial backer, it would be impossible."
Eventually, "why don't you give up that line-up?"


I know that people don't buy as many CDs as before, which has been decreasing the musicians' income in general. (Oh, downloading digital songs are also welcome, of course, as far as you buy them!)
Of course, I can imagine that it will be very hard to make ends meet when a project is so huge.
Yes, I'm old enough to assume all this.

But I would say …
Impossible or possible, it mostly depends on our mind-set.
It doesn't matter to me how difficult it would be; if one is determined and vows to do it, then, half of the difficulty is actually already cleared. You know, once determined, he/she will make it anyhow.
That's how magnificent things have been achieved.
On the contrary, if he/she talks about the difficulties and risks even before starting it, he/she'll never ever make it.

I'm not rich, either.
That's why I'm working on a flight and on a train …
That's why I launched a crowdfunding campaign this spring!
But if you're really determined, you'll find the way anyhow.
Going for a safest option is not my style.
Nothing big could be achieved without running a risk!

I wanna live as glorious as possible and offer as superlative music as possible.
This determination comes first.
And if I'm short of funds for that, I'll just do my best and use my brain to raise them.
I believe that is the way of life that reflects the spirit of rock, or?
At the least, that's my way of life.

This is how I've been straggling for the past few days, with superb names of candidates before my eyes.
Let me think …

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