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In Germany

After the last blog entry, I left with heavy luggage, changed trains several times and arrived in Hamburg safely.

Speaking of Hamburg, the first time I came to this city was the dark, cold winter 2002.
Back then, there was no wi-fi, no smartphone … I felt so lonely.
If I remember correctly, I booked a room for the first 3 or 4 nights beforehand, from Japan, referring to the guidebook.
Then, after arriving here, I walked around the city, looking for a cheaper B&B.
Still, it was expensive … so I had to find a room to rent.
However, I didn't understand German.
I had no one to turn to.
And most house owners weren't willing to let out a room to foreigners.
So, I really had to make a desperate efforts, while feeling terribly lonely.
There's actually no end of touching little stories as well as painful/toilsome stories I got through those days.
But I won't write them here … it will be too long for this small page.
Maybe I'll write about those episodes some other time and publish it as a book, haha. (^。^)

Compared with then, things are much more convenient and easier now.
First of all, it may be because of the globalisation, but people understand English more.
Some vending machines have English buttons as well.
This is great!!
(Believe it or not, in 2002, there were only German signs even at Frankfurt International Airport!!)
Secondly, it was very easy to find a flat this time.
I simply found it by

Having said that, it doesn't mean that I'm not lonely AT ALL.
Of course, I feel lonely every now and then.
Still, when I feel so, I can chat with my friends or family easily by Skype or Facebook.
In short, staying abroad is surely getting much, much easier!

Ok, now, let's get back to the subject.
What I've been actually doing in Hamburg, right?

Well, in the past few years, several musicians have asked me to form a band together.
And one of them lives not so far from Hamburg.
So, I first visited him saying,
"If I form a band with you, I wanna put my heart into it.
So, I came from Japan to talk with you face to face."

▼A pic from a studio I visited.
23517437_10155793002701240_1540441482685003595_n 2
After talking face to face, we agreed to give positive consideration together.

However, I cannot say anything for sure at the moment.
First, we must try to write some songs together, you know.

Actually, there are a few more musicians I wanna talk to as well.
So, I'll talk to them in one of these days. Let's see how things turn out.
By the way, the musicians I wanna talk to are not necessarily based in Germany.
(My base is in the first place still Japan.)

In Europe, I feel we don't need to worry much about countries.
Currency is the same (Euro) almost everywhere, moving as well as calling from one country to another are easy and inexpensive, language among musicians are the same (English) …
To put it easily for the Japanese people to understand, it's like making a band by all Japanese from different prefectures.

Rather than geographical distance, I personally feel that technique, respect to each other, taste and vision of music (artistic philosophy?) will probably be more decisive factors.

Please wish me luck for now!!

Oh, before finishing this entry, let me add one more thing.
I compiled the supportive video messages that were introduced at
the send off party the other day. It's now live on YouTube. Please check it.(↓)

As you can see, the messages were sent by top notch musicians from hard rock & heavy metal scene abound the world, so there should be no need to introduce them, but just in case …
Michael Ehre 2.Alessandro Del Vecchio 3.Mark Cross 4.Mark "Gus" Scott 5.Johan Nunez 6.Helcanen Val (Designer and promoter of Metal Female Voices Fest) 7.Anza

Among them, the message from Mark "Gus" Scott (Trixter) was on the largest scale.

So, please let me introduce it here again(↓)
trixterPasted Graphic

"Upon meeting Saeko, it is blatantly apparent that there is something about this young woman.
After introducing me to her music and seeing her live performance, I was completely blown away!
It is all too rare to see Talent in its purest form exhibited with such beauty, passion and Power.
It is always something wonderful to see the genuine article in action!
As one of your biggest fans, I wish you congratulations and all the very best of luck on your latest endeavor.
I look forward to your journey in conquering this Earth and spreading your superlative music to the masses!
I will be watching!

Saeko = Goddess!!!!!"

Well, I'm actually not so young anymore, haha. (^◇^; )
Still, I will do my best to conquer this Earth with my love for heavy metal. (^_-)


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